Shamer - 2003

'Audiences who've seen Rocket productions like Howie the Rookie or Shamer will already be aware of his directing ability and Rocket are now firmly established as Manchester's best independent company' - City Life


Lord Arthur Savile's Crime by Oscar Wilde (adapted by Martin Harris) - 2012

'This is a wonderfully engaging production, fast-paced and polished. A magnificent piece of theatre.' - The Public Reviews

The Collector by John Fowles (adapted by Mark Healy) - 2010

'Director Martin Harris draws excellent performances from his actors and does a good job with the script.' - What's On Stage

The Gut Girls by Sarah Daniels - 2006

'It's a long time since I've sat watching a naturalistic piece not checking my clock and counting the seconds and subsequently it was a breath of fresh air to become so engrossed in the acting and narrative that time became a blur.' - Student Direct

The Snow Queen adapted by Peter Gallagher - 2004 / 05

'With pacy direction from Martin Harris, this hugely talented, energetic young company have switched on the festive season like a fairy light, delivering, quite simply, the best Christmas show around.' - Bolton Evening News

I Licked A Slag’s Deodorant by Jim Cartwright -1999 / 2000 / 2003

‘Martin Harris directs two cracking performances and welds the whole thing together with great skill. Fans of new wave theatre shouldn't miss it.’ Manchester Evening News

‘I Licked A Slag’s Deodorant was excellent – from the first scene the quality of the writing was apparent and the company has obviously revelled in the opportunity. A terrific script, fine performances and deft direction combined to make this a really outstanding production.’- Arts Council North West (Drama Officer)

Howie the Rookie by Mark O’Rowe – 2002

‘This rare combination of a superb script married with excellent direction and first class performances marks yet another major success for the respected Rocket Theatre.’ - The Stage

'It's been a good year for the Library Theatre, Manchester, with its Commonwealth Games season and 50th birthday celebrations. The highlight of this amazing 12 months of first-rate entertainment has to be Mark O'Rowe's, Howie the Rookie.' - Morning Star


A Skull In Connemara by Martin McDonagh – 2000

‘Summer shows in the park tend to favour Shakespearean comedy or something cute. So Rocket makes a big break with tradition with this adult-only, gothic black comedy as part of the Manchester Festival…. This is a very sharp production – directed by Rocket founder Martin Harris – and acted with gusto by the excellent cast. It works extremely well outdoors.’ – Manchester Evening News  


Cornered by Jim Burke – 2000

‘It’s tightly written and gripping, with two excellent performances and is very sharply directed by Rocket founder Martin Harris.’ – Manchester Evening News

'Director Martin Harris has created a stylish production which uses a thumping soundtrack to fine effect. He teases out strong performances from the two actors.' - News North West  


Dealer's Choice - 1999

Dealer's Choice by Patrick Marber - 1999

'A rare combination of directorial skill and first-rate casting.' - The Stage

‘Originally performed in a sizeable London venue, director Martin Harris has done a fine job of scaling down the production to fit into these snug studio theatres…. With strong new writing so thin on the ground in Manchester theatres at the moment, Dealer's Choice is like a breath of fresh air. Recommended.’ – City Life



I Licked A Slag’s Deodorant by Jim Cartwright

City Life Theatre Production of the Year (Winner) – 2003

Manchester Evening News Theatre Award (Winner) - 1999


Cornered by Jim Burke

Manchester Evening News Theatre Award (Winner) – 2000


A Skull In Connemara by Martin McDonagh

Manchester Evening News Theatre Award (Nomination) – 2000


Dealer's Choice by Patrick Marber

Manchester Evening News Theatre Award (Nomination) - 2000